RubyCar at Eastern Beach in Auckland, New Zealand via

A-Z Challenge: Meet Ruby, my new car!

RubyCar at Eastern Beach in Auckland, New Zealand via

My one-month blogging challenge has turned into a three-month blogging challenge.

But you know what… priorities.

I managed to land an incredible job with an amazing company, which I’ll tell you about in an upcoming post.

Work and paying the bills will always take precedence. Because adulthood, yo.

But on with the post. I’m pretty damn proud of myself to be honest, for ALL the things I’ve accomplished since I arrived in New Zealand more than two months ago.

One of these things is buying a car – the second one I’ve ever had in my name.

RubyCar at dealership in Otahuhu in Auckland, New Zealand via

She’s not brand new, but she’s beautiful.

We’ve named her Ruby, for her stunning deep red paint job.

James’ son, who turns three this month, calls her RubyCar. It’s SO cute!

I found RubyCar on TradeMe, a Craigslist-type website of sorts.

She was the first car I test drove and after considering others I just kept coming back to her.

And a couple days later, after getting a pre-purchase examination and (sort of) working out bank issues, I picked her up from the dealership in Otahuhu.

RubyCar at Eastern Beach in Auckland, New Zealand via

I chose RubyCar for a variety of reasons.

1.) I never would’ve chosen a red car before now but because I’m in a new country, which drives on the opposite side than what I’ve been used to for 24 years, I figure it’s good to stand out on the road so other drivers see me!

2.) I have always preferred SUVs. My previous cars have been a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler, a pearly white Ford Explorer, a silver gray Ford Escape and now this ruby red Subaru Forester. I simply feel safer in a larger car.

3.) She drives smoothly. She has relatively low miles for her age. She simply has nothing against her. She’s like a perfectly-aged red wine. My very own Central Otago Pinot Noir with wheels! haha

4.) I can say I drive a Japanese import. Sounds so exotic, right? Her previous owners were in Japan and so to RubyCar we say Konnichi wa. Just kidding, we don’t say that…

RubyCar at Bucklands Beach in Auckland, New Zealand via

Since buying my newest transportation at the end of April I have put on approximately 1,000 kms, mostly driving to and from work, which is about 42 km roundtrip!

When I first began driving I was absolutely terrified. It took about 6 weeks (of being mostly a passenger) for me to really get used to the concept of cars being on the left and which lanes turned where, etc.

My first drive to work was at 5:00am on a very very rainy morning in the dark. I survived and since then have been very confident with my driving here.


Sort of forcing myself into driving on the motor way, in the dark, in the rain, was a blessing in disguise because now I can get anywhere no problem!

But as much as I love RubyCar, I still love our odd mornings, with crisp air and seabird sounds, when James and I can sit side-by-side gazing at the Rangitoto volcanic island just off the coast as we take the ferry in to work together.

What a beautiful and lucky life I lead.