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A-Z Challenge: For Michael Clarke & the Child Cancer Foundation

James and Brett Meyer's Guinness World Record attempt in the Howick and Pakuranga Times newspaper via ZaagiTravel.comAs I write this I am sitting in the Howick Squash Club.

It is 6:45 in the morning on Saturday, April 11.

We are less than 2 hours into James’ 36-hour-long squash marathon.

He is playing with his dad Brett in hopes of setting a new Guinness World Record!

The first five minutes of James and Brett Meyer's Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.com

In 2008 the athletic Meyer men set the same record, playing 25 hours and 55 minutes.

However, the record has been broken numerous times since… and it currently sits at 33 hours. So they’ve set out to smash it again!

Today, like 7 years ago, their grueling challenge is in the name of raising funds for the Child Cancer Foundation.

James prepping for the beginning of the 36-hour-long squash world record marathon at the Howick Squash Club in New Zealand via ZaagiTravel.com

Tessa, James’ sister, pointed out to me that the squash record-breaking community is supportive of each other.

“The vision from the beginning has been to do this for a good cause and every successive record breaker has also raised money for their chosen charity. The greater effect of the challenge transcends their singular effort”, she explained as we sat courtside Saturday morning.

James and Brett Meyer wearing their Child Cancer Foundation T-Shirts as they gear up for the Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.comThe Meyer family gearing up for the Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.com

The goal James and Brett have set is $36,000. As of right now, they have reached $16,602.

Like last time, they are pushing their bodies and spirits to the limit, in honor of their very dear friend Michael Clarke.

Three days before the 2008 record, 13-year-old Michael passed away after a 16-month-long battle with bone and then ultimately lung cancer.

His bravery, courage and strength was and is immensely inspirational.

His memory motivates James and Brett today as they fight for children that show such brilliant strength as they fight cancer.

The Meyer family gearing up for the Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.comMaterials ready for the Meyers' Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.com

You can donate to the Meyers’ world record at their official Everyday Hero account HERE. 



Hour three – We’re one hour away from the guys’ first break. They earn 5 minutes of break time for every hour they play. They’ve elected to play their first four hours without a break. For their first break they will only take 5 minutes, saving the other 15 minutes for later on when they really need it.

Hour five – TV ONE NZ came to interview the guys. They were able to answer some questions during their short five-minute break, while also scarfing down pikelets with jam and banana loaf.

James and Brett Meyer being interviewed by TV ONE NZ during first break of their Guinness World Record attempt via ZaagiTravel.com

Hour six – Some blisters and back pain but overall their energy and spirits are high. Your support is crucial so come on down to the Howick Squash Club and get loud for these amazing athletes!



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A-Z Challenge: America to nZ

Alexa Rae on Waiheke Island in New Zealand via ZaagiTravel.com
Well, if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you already know I’m moving to New Zealand.

If you didn’t know… now you know!

And I’m moving… this week.

I’ll keep this post relatively brief because there will be some lengthy ones to come.

In the month of April I will be blogging EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Ok wait. That’s not true.

I’ll be blogging every single day of the month aside from Fridays or Thursdays if you’re in North America. Technically the rules of the challenge I’m completing (more on that below) include breaks from blogging on Sundays. However, I’m a rebel so I’m choosing Fridays.

Keep Calm And Move To New Zealand via ZaagiTravel.com

Basically… while researching blogs about Americans that have moved to New Zealand I came across Albom Adventures, a blog written by a female American expat living in Auckland.

She has completed the A-Z Blogging Challenge for the past four years. I was inspired. And being that this will be one of the biggest months of my entire life thus far, I want to document it the very best I can.

My blogging lately has been pitiful, and that’s being kind. But I feel extremely motivated to complete this challenge.

Some of my upcoming posts will include information pertaining to travel, including my experience with Global Entry as well as the special visa I’ll be on.

But most importantly, it will follow the shenanigans I get up to with the best sidekick in the world, my boyfriend James.

Upcoming topics include…

  • On April 11-12 James and his dad Brett will be attempting their second Guinness World Record, for the longest game of squash, playing 36+ consecutive hours to raise $36,000+ for the Child Cancer Foundation.
  • I’ll also be discussing Kiwi food, Kiwi slang, and some of my favorite places I’ve already traveled to around New Zealand.
  • Some of the most fun you could ever imagine!

Flag Of  New Zealand via ZaagiTravel.com

And! As it turns out… Rhonda from Albom Adventures has themed her A-Z posts ‘AmaZing Auckland’! I look forward to discovering more about my new backyard through her blog as well!

Please feel free to follow this journey I’m about to partake on.

And buckle up. It’s gonna be a crazy beautiful ride (on the left side of the road… Oh goodness!)